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Many congratulations to Annabel Brunt (CiC Student Cohort 2021) who won a poster prize for her research on using machine learning and ASAP mass spectrometry to classify heart attack patients, at the Molecular Simulations 2022 Conference in Sicily

Annabel Brunt - Poster Prize winner at Molecular Simulations 2022 Conference

A winner of the Jamie Ferguson Chemistry Innovation Award - Amber Truepenny, CiC Student Cohort 2020

"I had such a great time competing in the finals of the Jamie Ferguson Innovation award on Thursday. It was a challenge to condense my research into a 2-minute pitch on ‘A novel method of protein stabilisation for diseases of unmet need’, but it was invaluable to have questions and feedback from the panel of staff from Oxford University Innovation (OUI) as well as Oxford Chemistry Professors across a range of research areas.
I also look forward to receiving ongoing mentoring from the OUI team as one of the winners. Thank you to my supervisors Professor Paul Brennan and Professor Benedikt Kessler for the support in developing this idea."

Amber Truepenny, Jamie Ferguson Chemistry Innovation Award

Our guest editorial in J. Med. Chem. on 'Increasing Diversity in Admissions to Postgraduate Study' is online. It describes the approaches that we have taken in the Chemistry in Cells PhD programme funded by Wellcome Trust.

Using podcast skills picked up from taking the CiC Life Skills Module, students from the MPLS DTC including Chemistry in Cells PhD programme produced a series of podcasts on Covid-19. Listen to them here.

Read about Chemistry in Cells Director Angela Russell, Professor of Medicinal Chemistry in Oxford University's Department of Pharmacology and Chemistry, and her impressive career starting as an undergraduate in 1996, and her research at the interface of chemistry, biology and medicine.

The Wellcome Trust Chemistry in Cells DPhil Programme featured in the University of Oxford's Department of Chemistry 'Periodic' magazine